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Oil on canvas, 18 X 24 inches
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My Artwork and Inspiration


    I create images that are peaceful, contemplative, uplifting and most recently, images that will hopefully provoke the viewer to thought, action and ultimately justice. 

I specialize in both portraiture and murals. I enjoy capturing the face, the expression, that moment in time.


   With a loose idea, I paint an image; then move, manipulate, push and pull until new images appear. The excitement increases as the image takes form.


   It's refining the raw and marveling in the unexpected that I find inspirational.

   "It's so exciting. The paint on the canvas directs my thoughts, my hand, my eyes. It's a surprise every time!"


   I am primarily inspired by European artists particularly, Jean-Francios Millet. Who's simple portrayals of peasant life provide glimpses into people who  depend on the land and  on God for provision. Millet's paintings realistically describe the struggles, the anticipation and the hopes of his subjects.

These simple portrayals are easily understood and speak to the heart. It's just those types of subjects that I delight in painting.





            Marion Hatcher


If you have any questions or

comments or if you would like to commission a piece, please contact me using the form below.



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